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More than half of plastic becomes waste less than a year after it was produced, and most is sent to landfills or incinerators, rather than recycled or reused. 

This plastic, which either remains uncollected or ends up in illegal landfills and open dumps, is most likely to make its way into rivers, and eventually the sea

Numbers don't lie


Every day, on average 5 kilograms of marine plastic accumulates along each kilometre of coastline, and will keep growing as current plastic waste generation is expected to quadruple by 2050


12 million tones of plastic waste are leaked every year in the marine waters, it costs €75 billion to collect, while failure to recycle costs the world ’s economy $2.5 trillion


In Europe, €630 million are spent every year to cleanup marine plastic waste, while the failure to recycle costs the European economy €105 billion.

Pain points


Recycllux uses ground-breaking technologies to develop a recycling and material chain optimized for the end-of-life plastic products that end up into the seas and oceans.

It is making use of the satellite Earth Observation data and applies machine-learning algorithms to identify the marine plastic litter problem spots, where actions need to be taken.

Then, it uses blockchain to incentivize the collectors and encourage recycling.
Our solution is enabling end-to-end recycling interventions.


  • Exact identification of plastic litter spots;
  • Ability to extract more plastic at a greater scale and higher speed;
  • Generate an income stream for the collection and recycling partners;
  • All parties involved from beginning to end of the chain will be aware as the plastic is transacted and handled from party to party at all times;
  • The use of blockchain will enable full traceability (Chain of Custody) of the marine plastic and build consumer trust in new products made from reclaimed plastic;
  • Removes the need for an auditor to supervise and validate the collection and recycling process;
  • Reduces the costs and simplifies the procedures for demonstrating compliance;
  • The sustainability efforts and performance can be shared with consumers in a trusted way.

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